Thursday, March 12, 2009

Alternative energy

Energy is the capability to do some work. Energy encircles us in all perceptions of life, however, the activities of binding it and utilizing it for constructive ends as prudently has become a challenge before humankind.Alternative energy, also called as natural energy does not refer to that escalating from splitting of atoms or burning of fossil fuels. Providentially, we have some other sources of alternative energy that do not induce any negative impact on our environment.

Some crucial sources of alternative energy are solar power, geothermal power, hydroelectric power and tides power. Solar power is the most important resource of power for future. The major reason behind this is that the total amount of energy that we get from sun yearly is almost 35000 times more than used by mankind. However, only one third of this energy is utilized by mankind while rest is returned back to space following the process of albedo.

Wind power is another crucial source of
alternative energy that offers enough energy without producing any harmful products. However the generation of this energy greatly depends upon location and weather.

Now-a-days, several countries and bigger corporate houses have started to understand the effectiveness of
alternative energy and are planning to utilize it for increasing the productiveness of their business projects. For the augmentation of alternative sources of energy, in California, a power tower for solar energy has been established that serves several organizations. For increasing the entire efficiencies of solar cell, the researchers of several countries are developing an Atomic Layer Deposition System to eradicate the poisonous gases emerged from fossil fuels.