Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rotating skyscraper that works on wind power

Wind power as an alternative power source can be generated from wind energy. Renewable wind energy can be harnessed by using wind turbines to generate electricity. Advancement in technology has led to the design and development of a rotating skyscraper that works on wind renewable power.

The idea of the concept is to use wind renewable power to rotate the skyscraper. The design is built in a way in which fifty nine individual levels or units will surround a central concrete core to form the basic structure of this skyscraper. A horizontal wind turbine will be installed between each floor. These horizontal wind turbines will capture the renewable wind energy and generate electricity for the skyscraper. Each unit will be independent and will move with the wind and so the building will have more resistance to earthquakes. The construction of this type of a skyscraper will take a lot of time an will be very expensive.

Fifty eight horizontal wind turbines will be installed in the building so that they are not visible from the outside. The amount of electricity generated by each wind turbine will be 0.3 megawatt. The amount of electricity generated by a single wind turbine will be sufficient enough to meet the power needs for almost fifty families.

A skyscraper that will run on wind renewable power will be easier to maintain because it will run on wind. A wind renewable power rotating skyscraper will not pollute the environment and also not emit any harmful particles in the atmosphere. This skyscraper will also not contribute to global warming. It will thus be a green renewable energy structure.

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